About SprintTrack


Proudly developed by GiteSoft, SprintTrack is a mobile app that tracks your sprint progress and lets you quickly share it with your friends. GPS powered tracking mechanism provides advanced customization options so that you can tune the app to suit your needs. SprintTrack will know to lock your screen when you start running and it is smart enough to send you notifications when GPS signal is low or when you finish running. When you are respond to a call, it can stop the timer for you. Once you are done, you can share your stats with your friends on social media. Set your goal, start the count down and watch your friends take quite a beating.

Used Technologies
CoreData (SQL Lite Database), CoreLocation (Locations and GPS), AudioToolbox (Wibration and Sound Alerts), Social (Facebook and Twitter Sharing)



– Adding and removing custom sprint distances
– Storing sprint times without any need of Wifi of cellular connection
– Sharing sprint times with friends over your Facebook and Twitter accounts
– Display completed distance, remaining distance and sprint percentage
– Creating and customizing user profiles, easy profile switching
– Alerts to prevent losing precision and accuracy when location signal quality is poor 
– Adjustable countdown
– Auto locking screen, auto adjust screen brightness and safe screen controls when sprinting
– Vibrate and sound alerts when sprint starts and sprint completes
– Dynamic location precision control according to sprint distance to save battery
– Play motivation songs from device playlists
– Keeps working at background (Freedom to lock screen or use other apps while running)
– Auto pause sprint when a call received
– Protecting profile with password