Regional Partnership

As Gitesoft, we would like to expand our territory and in order to do that, we need a fair bit of help from you. Our regional partners will mutually benefit from the agreement signed off and they will be our face on the region they represent us.

The major benefit will be full authorization on the sales and marketing operations of GiteSoft in the designated area and this will yield profitable results for both strategic partners. If you would like to set up your own team or just proceed individually, we encourage you to do that along with a number of easy going regulations. Regional partners will have the chance to be the sole accountable entity in the entire region and this could either be a city, a state or a whole country. Regional partners can also form a hierarchy and have their own distributor partnerships. Please read the distributor partnership section for more information on that.

A regional partner will always be treated as part of our organization and will be supported with sufficient training to get up to speed as soon as possible.

We are seeking potential partners that will stimulate our presence and in return, we offer a reasonable deal of independence and profit rate on the project proposals. They will be able to set their own price tags over the projects and negotiate with us to get it developed with their allocated budget. The main difference with the distributor partnership is that regional partners do not rely on commission rates in that sense. Feel free to contact with us if you are interested in any of the given opportunities and be an essential wheel of our ecosystem.

Terms and conditions will be shared in a detailed document separately once the process is on.

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Distributor Partnership

If you would like to establish a more conservative partnership with us and you do not have a structured organization in place to be a regional partner, it does not mean that you will stay out of the game as an individual.

Distributor partners will benefit from a commission rate of 10% to 15% depending on the size of the project they bring on board. They do not have much responsibility to the company in terms of reporting and providing feedback. As a distributor partner, all you need to do is to be able to attract potential customers and keep an eye on your network for likely opportunities.

We would like to set up a large pool of distributor partners and that means a large number of quota is available at the moment.

As a distributor partner, if you do not want to have direct contact with the company, you can still maintain the business by signing up to one of our regional partners. Please check out our website for the existing regional partners or contact with us to inform you.

Longer relationships will be much more profitable for our distributor partners and you will have the chance to read about it further in our documents after your partnership application is approved.

Get in touch and let us arrange a meeting shortly.

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Technology Partnership

Apart from our sales and marketing oriented partnership profiles, we offer technology partnership which is all about passing along business opportunities to one another as collaborating agencies. We do web and mobile development but at times our customers come up with a variety of other requests and we would not want to turn them down for something that is not present in our skill set.

This co-operation will be bidirectional and we are keen to have agreement with the agencies that have different capabilities and experience than we do.

At this stage, front-end focused development agencies, design agencies and those whose skills revolve around other technologies are more than welcome to contact with us.

We currently have existing technology partners we get along and work efficiently. It is truly rewarding to be involved in such a relationship and it boosts the agency energy dramatically.

Get In touch and let us start the process.

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